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In Praise of Libraries

January 5, 2022


A Very Happy New Year to everyone reading this! Before we all take our Christmas decorations down, I’d like to bring your attention one more time to a cartoon by editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers that really struck a chord with me. It sings the praise of libraries!

When a child, or an adult enters a library, they can see such a variety of books and so many will open a “new world” to the reader. As it so happens, a great review of my latest book by  Lynda Waterhouse in “An Awfully Big Blog Adventure” “The ramblings of a few Scattered Authors” on 12th December 2021, ends with the words: “This book is an essential for every primary school library and would make a lovely Christmas present. It provides a refreshing counterbalance to the high volume of middle grade fantasy that is currently around.” She was reviewing my  book Abigay’s Farm.

Christmas may be over, but I suggest that books make great presents at any time of the year!

Lynda’s review can be read in full here:

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