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k9964lceMegg Nicol is both a presenter and writer of children’s programs for T.V. radio and theatre.

As a songwriter Megg has written over two hundred and fifty songs for T.V. and audio including the B.A.F.T.A award winning series Your Mother wouldn’t like it!

As a performer Megg has starred in four West End shows Buddy, Spike Milligan and Friends, Blockheads and I’m Getting my Act Together and taking it on the Road.Megg has just completed scripts for a new animation series The Secret Life of Benjamin Bear for the family Channel. Currently,

Animation series running on T.V. :
Ni Ni’s Tree House (G.M.T.V)
64 Zoo Lane ( Fox Kids)  as a narrator and cartoon voice artist and
“ Titeuf” on cartoon network and I.T.V.

A series of C.D.s and books for Pre-school children:
Sing ‘n Do A B C and Sing’ n Do 1 2 3 plus Instruments of the Orchestra and Kid-stuff Radio for Music Sales Ltd.

Television writing includes:
Two BBC educational series Lets See (7-10 age group) and
Around Scotland plus
Grampian T.V.’s Gather Round.

For BBC Radio 4 she wrote scripts for pre-school’s:
Listening Corner,
Hopscotch and

And for BBC Radio 2 she wrote and produced two hours long documentaries entitled Bubblegum and Are We Downhearted No!

Three theatre plays with music, Another One for the Road and To your Good Health! Commissioned by Scottish Arts Council for Scottish Youth Theatre plus Highland Fling for Triple “E” productions in Stockholm.


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