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selinaSelina Moore studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art and Animation at UCA, Farnham. She has worked for many years as a CG character artist in the animation industry. Driven by a love of storytelling, she is now increasingly moving into the medium of Illustration as well as working towards creating picture books.

She is currently working on the picture book “Unreal Neil”:- Finn blames everything on Neil, an imaginary creature that he has just invented, but sometimes things take on a life of their own.. “Unreal Neil” humorously explores the idea that making up stories can have consequences. Finn’s fibs come back to bite him as Neil perversely materializes and havoc ensues. After a series of disturbing events, a ruined birthday party is the catalyst for Finn to come clean and apologise. And as harmony is restored, Neil finally disappears (in the wake of another teller of tall tales – Posey Perkins).

Selina lives in Loughborough Junction and is the sort of person who is always in need of a project, which is just as well…


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