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Some Great Wriggle Room Writing from Burdett-Coutts Primary School

June 24, 2013


Having fun with words and songs

Having fun with words and songs

Here are some examples of the wonderful writing that was produced by children at Burdett-Coutts Primary School for the final day of our six week writing sessions with the children of Year 3.   We all listened to work being read aloud and the children commented and gave feedback after each reading.  The comments and feedback were thoughtful and interesting.

The Song of Siger – by Sammi in 3G

Orange as the sun,
Fierce as a lion,
Huge as a house,
My orange fluffy fur is soft like a bear,
I run like a fast cheetah,
I purr like a fluffy cat,
I creep like a quiet mouse 
My black stripes are as black as the night sky


An Adventure Story  - By Ahkim in 3G  

One day I found a door, doors can some in all shapes and sizes but the door 
I found was extremely small! 

When I came down the old wooden stairs I found a 
tiny door. I was feeling terrified in case something bad came out of the door.

Quietly, I opened the door and the floor was made out of clouds. In front 
of me was a green and black portal. I went into the portal and a jam army 
greeted me to defeat the ice monster. When we were fighting the ice monster
it threw ice blades at us. We were all very injured. Then I made a weapon 
called the jam canon and we fired jam at the ice monster. The ice monster
died and the jam army said, “Thank you so much you saved our people”.
I replied, “That’s ok” and I went back through the portal, opened the 
door and went back home.


A Superhero Story – by Amaju in 3G  

Sasha Strickers (Alice) was a loud girl and she seemed quite joyful 
but her parents were always busy and she was always upset. Sasha Strickers 
had long, curly brown hair and pretty big, brown eyes. She was a kind, 
beautiful girl who always wanted to give charity to poor people. During the 
night she used this kindness to save the earth because Sasha Strickers was 
really a superhero! 

One dark, spooky night when there was a hurricane coming Sasha Strickers 
was in her bedroom wondering what adventure she would be be part of tonight. 
Suddenly, she heard somebody cry “Help somebody save us!” so she 
decided to investigate…


An Adventure Story – by Bella in 3G  

When I walked down the stairs I saw a mysterious little door. I whispered 
to myself, “What is that door doing there?” Slowly, I walked towards the 
door thinking it was going to jump right at me but I had to face my fears 
and open that door so I did! 

Worryingly, I opened the door but nothing happened. All I saw was a huge 
winter wonderland and a fun fair. There was an old, dusty ride with a 
beautiful fountain. 

It was when I walked a bit further that I saw a huge ice rink and a 
sign on the floor which I picked up. It said “Don’t go on it because it 
has been cursed.” I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a curse 
so I picked up my ice skates, put them on and started to skate…
One of Wriggle Room Writer displays before it got filled up!

One of Wriggle Room Writer displays before it got filled up!

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  1. Megg Nicol permalink
    June 25, 2013 7:59 pm

    I am intrigued by your reviews of these books Elizabeth. I feel I must read ‘After’. I have always found characters that can find the strength in themselves to be kind when faced with adversity very inspiring.

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