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Fun and Games

August 25, 2012


Like some others I have spoken to on the subject, I was at first bemused by the Olympic opening ceremony. We seemed to be moving from The Shires of The Hobbit to Lark Rise to….goodness, what’s Kenneth Branagh doing in that natty costume? Is he The Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine? Aha…no. By this time I was beginning to grasp the concept and found myself completely bowled over by the technical achievement (we’re good at this stuff, we Brits) and enchanted by the whole eccentric, eclectic swirl of life and energy. But, of course, what delighted me most was that Children’s Literature got a look-in – no, more than a look-in. We had acres of trampolines (gosh that looked fun!) we had a skyfull of Mary Poppins, we had J K Rowling and the Dementors. I was chuffed, really chuffed, that Children’s Literature was given a prominent platform in this flamboyant collage of Britishness. It is no more than it deserves. Oh, and don’t get me started on the fact that Joey the War Horse was on the roof of the National Theatre waiting to rear up in salute as the Queen came down the Thames on her barge. I don’t know whether Michael Morpurgo’s eyes were dry at that point, but mine certainly weren’t…

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