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Sand Dancers fight Donald Trump for sand dunes

January 14, 2011


Sand dancers don’t want Donald’s golf course on their turf

A few years ago, a walk in the sand dunes and a strand of marramgrass inspired me to create the magical world of the Sand Dancers for a series of stories published by Piccadilly Press.

As with most works of fiction this world was a creation of my imagination but it was fuelled by research and visits to sand dunes. The more I learned about the precious ecology of the sand dunes the more passionate I have become about them. I believe that the act of writing these stories has made me a more thoughtful person. It also means that on occasion my characters demand the right to prick my conscience.  I have given them a voice and they demand to speak. What has been happening lately is that one character, Cassandra Marramgrass, has been nagging me to write this letter on her behalf.

This is how it goes,

Dear Mr Donald Trump,

My name is Cassandra Marramgrass and I am a sand sprite. We are mysterious creatures who live inside sand dunes and follow the rules set down in the Sands of Time. The first rule states that we must ‘Honour and care for the dunes as a mother would for her child.’ I know that you admire   the Balmedie sand dunes in Aberdeenshire, Scotland because you said, ‘When I saw this piece of land I was overwhelmed by the imposing dunes.’ They are special. So I am asking you, on behalf of the sand sprites, not to build your golf resort, you holiday apartments, luxury hotel and two golf courses on 1400 acres of these beautiful dunes. They are rare and as well as being home to the sand sprites they are teeming with life. The skylarks, lapwings, redshanks and pink footed geese to name but a few of the birds come to rest and nest here. Indeed the area had been designated of special scientific interest but this decree has been overturned by Alex Salmond. This is a worrying precedent and means that other sand dunes and nature reserves are now also be under threat.

We have a saying,

‘Time passes, sands shift and

Secrets are revealed’

In time your scientists may discover what the sand sprites already know about just how important sand dunes are to the ecology of the planet. I am sure that other ways can be found to create meaningful employment and bring prosperity to the people of Aberdeenshire.

We will continue dancing to maintain the health and harmony of the dunes for as long as we can but we do need help.

Cassandra Marramgrass

Has anyone else been nagged in this way?

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